Saturday, August 6, 2022

Yes, we will be going to trade fairs again! (?)

 Too expensive, outdated, overtaken by virtual events, or inefficient: If you ask the critics, you quickly hear these statements.

Of course, everything we do is subject to change or evolution. When there was no internet, we got information from the Yellow Pages or newspaper ads and advertised mainly in print media or television. In addition, we went to trade fairs to meet customers and learn about the latest developments. People from around the world participating in the exhibition stand Dubai.

With the advent of the Internet, our entire behavior changed.

The Internet has accelerated our activities. Nowadays, it's almost impossible to track what's being said on social media. Product launches aren't being held back for a trade show only five months away, and they're straight to the web once the marketing strategy has been established. But does that mean that trade fairs are less critical?

There are many public and trade fairs where personal contact is the focus. Where else can you get a more direct response from potential customers than at a trade fair?

There are many public and trade fairs where personal contact is the focus. Where else can you get a more direct response from potential customers than at a trade fair?

And especially in times of Covid-19 with all its restrictions, we have noticed how critical personal contacts are to avoid losing ourselves in zoom meetings and impersonal actions despite all the new media.

The many discussions the Expo colleagues have had show that our customers and exhibitors want to be in "live" contact with their customers again. Purely virtual encounters will not be entirely accepted.

And the good news is: If you use your future trade fair marketing, the trade fair offers many opportunities. Which?

Participation in a trade fair contributes to the achievement of corporate goals.

In addition to the personal aspect, the ultimate goal of participating in a trade fair is to achieve the desired corporate goals. In addition to higher sales, this can also be the generation of as many new contacts as possible, introducing a new product, or acquiring sponsors. So you're also trying to market your business with the ultimate goal of increasing sales.

Define a clear message and differentiate yourself from the competition, because why should the visitor choose your company from all the offers? Be unique in your fair trade appearance.

A trade fair is still ideal for getting in touch with new and existing customers. In addition to the exhibitors, the fair trade visitors are also curious and highly motivated to get to know new things and to take inspiration for their company development.

A good conversation at the trade fair with an interested party always offers opportunities.

Learn directly from your target group at the trade fair

You always get a direct reaction from the visitor at a trade fair, both positive and negative. Both reactions allow you to learn something about your products and sales strategies in a short time.

Your interlocutor can also point out things you have not yet thought of. Through further discussions with the visitor, you create a bond and, at the same time, benefit from their ideas.

You can also see how your competitors present themselves to customers live. A beautiful website is one thing, but it doesn't always mention the company's quality. Participation in a trade fair allows you to meet your "competitors" live and see how they market themselves. The trade fair is an excellent platform for this, which you should use. Don't just present yourself at a trade fair, but also compare yourself to others.

Increase your level of awareness by participating in a trade fair

It is difficult to dissuade a customer from familiar structures and persuade him to do something new. Switching to another company is always associated with uncertainty, so a customer is not so quick to do business with a new company that he does not know. A previous study showed that a potential buyer must have had a contact moment at least seven times to consider reaching out. The company name must first be anchored in people's minds, and trust must grow. Participation in a trade fair contributes to an unmistakable appearance that you should use.

It is, therefore, safe to say that your presence at a renowned trade fair increases your awareness and makes it appear severe and reliable, and this, in turn, strengthens the visitors' trust in your company. You can reinforce this impression with additional presentations and workshops.

Just like with an impressively structured website, you can present yourself extensively at a trade fair with an impressive trade fair stand as a new business partner.

Increase your sales by attending a trade fair

"I'll think about it." If you let your conversation partner go with these words, in most cases, you will never see them again. A purchase is based heavily on feelings, and a good seller removes as many concerns as possible.

Trade fair visitors are highly motivated. They came especially to the event and mainly with the intention of buying. Take this chance and try to sell as much direct as possible when the local people are in the right mood. If the visitors to the exhibition cannot decide directly, then make follow-up agreements for the time after the trade fair. Be persistent and strike while the iron is hot.

Be sure to consider the follow-up to a trade fair; this is extremely important and should be carried out consistently. Keep the promises you made during the fair and on time! Connect via social media, get in touch after the show to make an appointment to meet again, and never miss an opportunity with a potential new customer.

Participation in a trade fair remains essential.

Selling off the cuff is often a stroke of luck and rarely succeeds. Follow your strategy and win the trust of your visitors at a trade fair, who first have to get to know your products and services. As already mentioned a few times, you increase your profile and show your competence at a trade fair, which ultimately leads the visitors to make a purchase decision.